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20% Off Mackeeper Premium

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20% Off MacKeeper Standard Version

20% Off MacKeeper Standard Version - $47.96. License for up to 2 Macs with 24/7 Email and 24/7 Live chat support .
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20% Off MacKeeper Basic Version

Save 20% Instantly Basic Version of MacKeeper. License for 1 Mac and you will get 24/7 Email support.
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You have made the right choice to purchase Mackeeper. MacKeeper is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your Mac. It will rescue you from numerous apps and dozens of customer support centers! MacKeeper is like 911 for your Mac. It’s an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean, reliable, fast and attended!Activating the discount is a breeze: simply click the link associated with the product type you are interested in and the discount will be automatically be applied at checkout. It’s that simple! You don’t need to input any coupon codes.

Best option is Mackeeper Premium license, you can get up to 3 Macs protected and get 24/7 email, live chat plus call center Support. The total value of this package is $1531.80 and you only pay $75.61 which is a bargain, take advantage of this offer now which will NOT last for long.

ZeoBIT LLC is an American company with Headquarters in Silicon Valley, regional office in Ukraine and a number of local partners around the world. ZeoBIT performs professional software development for Windows and Mac OS platforms. With an experienced team they develop, promote and support best solutions for Mac OS users.

ZeoBIT LLC Contact Info.

Silicon valley Head office
2227, 2-nd floor
440 N. Wolfe Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Phone: 1 (888) 572-5876
Fax: 1 8888 ZEO-037
Europe regional office

Bozhenko Str, 86 G
Kiev, Ukraine, 03150

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What is MacKeeper 2012?

Your Mac is a fragile machine, and the last thing you’d want is for a virus or loads of unnecessary junk to slow it down. Luckily, MacKeeper takes all of the guesswork out of maintaining and securing your computer by automatically doing these things for you with a click of a button. 

MacKeeper offers a versatile system of protection for helping you keep your Mac running in a secured and efficient manner. Not only will MacKeeper keep you protected from viruses and online threats, but it will also help ensure protection against identity theft and phishing attempts.

MacKeeper also offers a solid line of defense against unnecessary junk accumulating on your hard drive. Every time you visit a website, temporary files are stored on your computer to help your browser work more efficiently with that site from that point on. However, this becomes a problem when these files begin to build up from excessive web browsing. MacKeeper eliminates this headache by deleting these types of files, as well as others that can potentially slow your computer down. You won’t have to worry about MacKeeper messing with your programs or personal files either because the program will intuitively know what to delete.

Even if the worst happens and your Mac turns up stolen, MacKeeper comes equipped with tools to help you track it down and retrieve it. This is a great tool that goes hand-in-hand with MacKeeper’s other wonderful features. MacKeeper is the perfect optimization tool for anyone who owns a Mac.

Even if something problematic happens with your Mac or MacKeeper, there is always technical assistance on any issue standing by 24/7 via either phone or live chat.

MacKeeper is definitely worth checking into if you’re interested in tackling even the most annoying of Mac problems. Completely optimize your system with MacKeeper, and with our Mackeeper Coupon Code,  you can get additional savings, this is a deal you can’t find anywhere else.

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Is MacKeeper Safe To Use and Legit?

Is Mackeeper SafeGetting to understand how MacKeeper works is an easy process. In fact once you have it installed it pretty much does the rest on its own. Since I have had MacKeeper installed on my machine I’ve had many people ask me is the program is safe. I always tells them that it isn’t safe not to invest in it. The program combines plenty of power with convenience which is why I chose it over all the other options out there.

MacKeeper offers a whole suite of security features to make sure that you are safe from things like viruses, email spam and dangerous downloads. It also has a really cool anti-theft tool that will locate the Mac if it’s ever stolen (or lost) so you can find it, and will even take a snapshot of the thief for you. The handy cleaning tools that come with MacKeeper help to keep my computer nice and fresh so that dangerous things can’t so easily hide themselves in my machine.

There are actually quite a few cool features that MacKeeper has to offer that don’t have much to do with your computer’s safety but they are certainly convenient. For example thanks to MacKeeper I can color code my files based on size, I can backup all of my files in case my computer ever crashes, and I can even get technical support using the “Geek on Demand” feature.

All in all MacKeeper is a very reliable program that is not only safe itself, but it is the only thing you should trust to keep your Mac safe and sound from anything potentially dangerous. I know I count on it every single day!

Is MacKeeper Any Good?

Because Macs are so well known for holding up to things like viruses and identity theft, most people don’t see the need in security software which might be why many people have doubts about MacKeeper. The truth is that this is one of the most important programs you will ever invest in, and with Mackeeper coupon code we provided here, makes this deal even better. As time goes on our time on the Internet becomes more and more risky and the need to protect ourselves and our Macs is essential.

Not only does MacKeeper keep your machine safe from things like phishing attacks, spyware, email spam, and potentially dangerous downloads you come across online, but it even has a built in anti-theft system that will track your Mac down if it is stolen and will even take a picture of the culprit.

MacKeeper also provides a suite of data control functions such as a virtual shredder for your documents, an easy to use backup utility, and a data encryptor. You can easily keep your Mac clean too, thanks to the cool cleanup features found in the program. For example you can use the Wise Uninstall feature to make sure that absolutely nothing is left behind when you are getting rid of files, programs, games, and other applications.

It is easy to spot the larger files from the smaller ones with the color coding option, and don’t worry about losing any files because the nifty file finder will locate whatever you need in just a matter of seconds. As you can see there are many benefits to using MacKeeper and in fact without the program, you are certainly missing out on a whole host of features already mentioned, and others like “Geek on Demand” and an update tracker. Is MacKeeper Any Good? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is MacKeeper Legit?

MacKeeper is one of the most important programs you will ever install on your Mac. Not only the program legit but it helps you to determine whether everything else out there on the World Wide Web is legit or not. You can count on the antivirus software to make sure that you and your Mac remains safe from email scams, identity theft, and potentially dangerous downloads.

The anti-theft software that comes with MacKeeper will locate its location and even take a snapshot of the thief if your laptop ever gets stolen. You will find that MacKeeper offers a lot of bang for your buck as it goes above and beyond simply making sure that your machine is safe and secure.

You also have lots of control over your data like the ability to color code your files according to their size so that you can find things easier and better determine how much space something might be taking up at a glance. The program also allows you to backup your system easily so you can always ensure the ability to recover important settings and files in the event of a crash.

There is even a “paper shredder” that totally destroys files and documents that you don’t want recovered. You can hide your files with a password so others can’t find them on your Mac, and you can even optimize your processes with expedited logins to your favorite apps and programs, an update tracker to let you know when your apps need attention, and you can easily decide which app should open what type of file or other piece of content. If you want to learn more about Mackeeper, check out our detailed MacKeeper Review.

As you can see there are many different reasons to consider investing Mac Keeper. In fact not doing so will leave you with regret sooner or later.Remember to take advantage of our Mackeeper coupon code before swipe you credit card to save money.

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Is Mackeeper a Virus?

The answer to the question, “Is Mackeeper a virus?” is simple and easy: Mackeeper is 100% legitimate software developed by the award-winning company, ZeoBIT, LLC — Mackeeper is not a virus. It contains a bundle of 16 apps that help you manage routine maintenance tasks and keep your precious Mac safe from Internet threats. Mackeeper ensures that your Mac is secure, clean and speedy at all times.

Mackeeper comes bundled with 16 utilities that perform the following tasks:

1. Keeps your Mac secure from Internet threats

2. Protects your Mac from thieves.

3. Rids your Mac of junk collected over time.

4. Encrypts data.

5. Recovers files.

6. Finds and kills duplicates.

7. Backs up data.

8. Optimizes disk usage.

9. Cleans your Mac.

10. Works as a central uninstaller.

11. Shreds files.

12. Tracks and eliminates viruses.

13. Accesses you to technical help (Geek-on-Demand)

14. Tracks updates.

15. Gets you online storage space (Zeodisk)

16. Comes bundled with many bonus apps.

The icing on the cake is that Mackeeper costs just $38.95 (Basic license, valid for one Mac). The total value of all these 16 apps is more than $500. The standard license costs just $58.95 and is valid for 2 Macs while the premium license costs a measly $88.95 and is valid for 3 Macs and comes with 24/7 support, 24/7 Live chat and 24/7 call center support. The premium pack actually helps you save more than $1,400 and is the best value-for-money pack offered by the company.

Mackeeper is lightweight, compact, does not consume heavy resources, and is automatically updated. All you have to do is install it and quit worrying about your Mac. So, well, the answer to the question, “Is Mackeeper a virus?” is a resounding NO. You can visit the ZeoBIT website and check for yourself what expert techno-geeks have to say about Mackeeper.

A time-limited offer – 20% discount coupon on Mackeeper is now available and you must take advantage of it before it expires.

Apple computers are slowly getting more popular because more people are finding out that it is less likely to get infected by pesky viruses. This is true because many malware developers prefer to infect Windows systems because Windows has more market share and more corporations use them. However, some security experts are pointing out that Mac OS X has more security vulnerabilities than Windows. Apple is responding by releasing patches but these patches don’t reach the users fast enough. Plus, the protection features that Mac OS X has are quite minimal so a third-party solution such as MacKeeper is necessary if you want better protection against those viruses that come from the wild.

MacKeeper is a fully functional antivirus utility that offers real-time protection to the popular web browsers as well as the operating system as a whole. This allows users to browse with confidence knowing that there is a program that continuously checks for strange activity. The program also updates automatically to ensure that is capable of detecting the newest threats. MacKeeper can also work invisibly in the background just in case you lose your laptop. You can find out who stole the laptop by using the Anti-Theft feature which uses a Wi-Fi connection to plot the exact geographical information. The webcam can be used remotely to take a picture of the current user so you can remote all of the data to the authorities. It also has some handy cleaning and optimizing functions that can make your Mac feel healthier.

Since MacKeeper is encouraging all kinds of Mac users to buy a license, MacKeeper offers three types of licenses so anyone can buy a single Basic license for less than $40. However, the Premium license still stands as the best deal because it is slightly more than twice the cost of a Basic license but you can install the license to 3 different Mac systems. This is useful if you have other people in your house or network that need antivirus protection.

This is a good time to purchase MacKeeper because we have a 20% discount so you can get an even better deal out of the most recommended license.

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Control Your Data Easily on Mac With MacKeeper 2012

How to Backup Files on a Mac

Whether you are using your Mac for personal or professional business, you probably have a significant number of files saved on it. These files range from personal documents to financial records to photographs. More than likely, it you have taken the time out to save the documents, you probably have a serious need for them, which is why you should always have access to a reliable backup service. MacKeeper 2012 remains a truly excellent system that offers backup capabilities.

If you do not think you need access to a backup system, you may wish to alter your opinion somewhat. Computers – even the most sophisticated of Mac — are prone to crashes, registry disasters, and viruses. Due to this fact, it is a must that you take the steps to backup all your files. When you have backed up files, you can then retrieve them. Without a backup, they may be lost forever barring having a lab retrieve the files from a damaged hard drive at significant cost.

So, how can you backup files on Mac? If you have access to MacKeeper 2012, you will find the process of backing up your files to be rather easy.

With MacKeeper 2012, you gain access to various data control features. Among them is an automatic backup program that will copy your files and folders. All you need to do is program a schedule when you wish the backup process to begin and where you wish the files and folders to be backed up to. You do have the option of backing them up on a flash drive, external hard drive, ZeoDisk, or a FTP system. Once they are safely copied to their source, you need not worry about losing them ever again. The user-friendly and easy nature of such a backup program opens the door for anyone to make use of it.

Backing up files and folders on a Mac is not all that difficult provided you have access to the right program allowing you to do so. Without a doubt, MacKeeper 2012 is one of the very best programs you can use for this purpose. Now you can save 20% off with Mackeeper. No Mackeeper coupon code or Mackeeper Discount code to remember, just click the activate offer links on our home page and it will bring you to the Mackeeper SECRET shopping cart page with the best price!

How to Delete Files Forever on the Mac

Just because you delete a file on your Mac, doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. Instead, there are programs in place that are going to let you pull this information and then restore it. For those who have sensitive information on their personal computer, they may want to look at the process to get rid of these files for good.

This process can be done as simply as clicking on the secure empty trash selection on the finder menu. This will then ensure that all files are securely removed from your system and that the probability of there being any kind of concern with your files being restored is then gone.

Of course, you might want to have an easier source that will allow you to remain fully functional and to track what you are doing as well. For this, you might want to consider Mac Keeper. What you are going to find is that you can permanently delete files and never have to worry about them showing back up later on down the road.

With this, you can also ensure that you have better control of the data that is on your Mac as well. In fact, you are going to find that in terms of maintaining your system, there will be no better solution for you than to use the MacKeeper software. With the ability to restore files that are deleted on accident and to ensure that sensitive content is completely erased, there will never be a moment that you don’t have some peace of mind as you use your Mac. Keep this in mind and download this software. After a few moments of using this software, you will find that it is one of the easiest tools to use and that there is nothing else like it on the market. Read our Mackeeper review for more info or check out our Mackeeper Coupon Code before you swipe your credit card and get best price of Mackeeper.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Just because a file is deleted on your Mac, doesn’t mean that it is gone for good. When you remove an item through your trash, it no longer appears in the selectable files on the system. However, the physical data does remain until your computer overwrites the files that once existed. Because of this, you will want to consider products like MacKeeper as soon as possible to restore a file you accidentally deleted.

What’s nice about MacKeeper is the fact that is supports more file formats than any other product on the market. It can be used with both Fat32 and NTFS systems and that means that no matter what is on your Mac or USB Flash Drive, you will have an effective solution for saving your data when it is deleted.

This product works by scanning the hard drive of your computer and looking for anything that has been deleted. This scan will vary in time and will depend on the size of your drive. Once you have located the files available, you will be able to determine which ones that you need to restore. This will be a considerable list if you have deleted quite a few things and because of that, you might find another file you didn’t think you would ever find again.

Since you are going to be able to restore files you accidentally deleted, you will want to consider adding this program on your computer right away. While some people may never use it, most people are going to accidentally delete a file on their Mac that they will want to restore and having this in place gives them a chance to have some peace of mind at all times, even before the moment of need every arises.

How to Hide your Private Files on Mac

Mac OS X does not offer any option to hide any file of your choosing. Hiding files can be pretty useful if you share your computer with other people but you do not want these people to access some personal files on that computer. There are a few third-party applications that let you hide files but other users may use that same program to show those hidden files. A reliable privacy application should have a feature where you can set a password for hiding files so others won’t be able to show these hidden files unless you tell them the password you set. MacKeeper has this function along with file backup functions and even antivirus and anti-theft capabilities.Click here to learn how to backup files on a Mac.

You will see all of the programs that are included in MacKeeper when you first launch the application. All of the tools that are related to files can be found on the left sidebar under the “Data Control” group. The “Data Encryptor” tool should be the tool to focus on because it lets you hide as a many files as you like on a Mac OS X system. You can even save some effort by hiding an entire folder so all of the files inside that folder are hidden. Before you use this feature, you have to provide a password so it won’t be possible for other users to show the hidden files even if they try using Terminal. Type the password twice and be sure to add a hint will only help you remember the password.

To add a file or folder that you wish to hide click the “Add” button. Once you found that file or folder, you should see it on the main window. There is a “Hide” column with an icon that shows you the current status of the file or folder. If it shows a locked padlock, the file or folder should be hidden. Otherwise, select that file or folder and click the “Hide” button. The “Unhide” button is present if you want to temporarily unhide a certain file.

How to Uninstall Programs on a Mac


Do you own a Mac, but are unsure how to remove your unwanted programs? It is always better to uninstall mac programs instead of just deleting them. When you just delete a program, it can leave behind extra files that take up room on your computer. Most of the time, when you move applications to the trash, about 30% of those files are still just left hanging around. So if you want to get rid of an application the proper way, uninstall it-don’t trash it.

Steps to Removing Applications

Before removing an application completely, check to see if it has a built-in uninstaller. If so, uninstall the program with the uninstaller. If not, follow the directions below:

  • Go to the Mac’s library and open the application support folder.
  • Look for the the app that you would like to remove and manually uninstall it.
  • Use specialized uninstalling tools that will erase unwanted apps that you do not use.

Use Mackeeper’s Smart Uninstaller

The Mackeeper Smart Uninstaller will completely remove widgets, applications, preference panes and plug-ins. This program will safely uninstall all of the components of an application without harming your mac. It won’t leave behind any extra files unlike when you move an application to the trash.

When you use Mackeeper Smart Uninstaller, you can manage all of your current applications, widgets, plug-ins and preference pains. It also allows you to see current deleted files and any other left-over files that did not get removed properly before. From Mac keeper Smart Uninstaller, you choose the selected file, click to view the details and then delete it. It is a very simple process to use. There is also a tool on the program that allows you to scan the computer to see newly installed applications, plug-ins, preferences and widgets.


Removing items to the trash doesn’t always completely get rid of items on your mac. Leaving behind unnecessary files on a computer can take up available room on your computer. To install an application, use its built-in installer, manually uninstall it or use specialized programs such as Mackeeper Smart Uninstaller. To learn more about Mackeeper, click here to read our Mackeeper Review and also we have a Mackeeper Discount Code to help you get 20% off the retail price if you want to get the full version of Mackeeper which we highly recommend.


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How to Clean Up Hard Drive On Mac OS X?

If you own a Mac, you can feel confident that you have a great computer…provided it is properly cleaned. When your Mac is loaded with all manner of errors, registry problems, or, worse, SpyWare, you are just not going to get the most benefit out of it. Rather than suffer from a slow, sluggish, and inefficient Mac experience, it would be a lot better to use Mac Keeper 2012 as the perfect means of cleaning up your system.

How can MacKeeper 2012 keep your system clean? There are quite a number of functions that it offers to ensure your Mac runs as smoothly as possible.

The system offers a language cutter that can remove all unused languages from your system. You would be stunned to learn how much of a drag on the memory unused languages are and this program will definitely help get rid of them.

The binary cutter also offers a little help in an area we sometimes do not automatically think of – unneeded parts of an application. Often, an application will be installed and the installation has a few bugs in it. You might even install components of the application you really do not need. Regardless of the source of the problem, you will find the binary cutter helps address it easily.

The log cleaner addresses a forgotten aspect of ensuring your Mac runs properly. Namely, user and system log files you do not require any more will be extracted and discarded. Once they are gone, your Mac’s memory will be a great deal freer.

The cache cleaner certainly will help increase your Mac’s ability to run smooth. A cache that is never cleaned really can drain your Mac’s memory. Why deal with such an unnecessary drag on the system when you can have all those unwanted items in the cached cleaned up and removed?

Keeping your Mac cleaned is a must if you want it to operate in the most efficient manner. The best way to do this would be to use MacKeeper 2012′s cleaning system as it definitely can ensure your Mac runs as smooth as humanly possible.

If you decide to purchase Mackeeper, you should definitely use Mackeeper Coupon code to help you save money. There are many sites claim to have all kinds of  Mackeeper coupon codes, including the 90% off special deal ( the deal hosted on Mackeeper official site – no discount – just want to catch your eyes ) and other promos.  From our Mackeeper coupon  code and  Mackeeper review site, you can get the best Mackeeper discount price from us, save 20% off directly to your shopping cart, all you need to do it continue and nothing to input.

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